Community Life

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and preach the good news about Him while making disciples of those who hear and accept this news. The area of Community Life seeks to accomplish the first part of this mandate by bringing the good news of Jesus to the community of Orting. The heart beat of Community Life is for the church to impact the community relationally as one neighbor shares the good news with another while simultaneously providing formalized ministry opportunities for all of the church to extend the good news of Jesus in a strategic and meaningful way to Orting. 

Pastor Matt Carlson leads the area of Community Life which includes the areas of Frontline; a weekly demonstration to the community of the church assembling and presenting the good news, the Community Clothing Closet; a service open to bless the community, the Trash Can to Make a Difference; our partnership with the Orting food bank to feed those in need. Please consider joining our efforts to serve the community of Orting in all we say and most!
Pastor Matt Carlson