Invasion Summer Camp

INVASION CAMP is a family camp for all ages with the primary mission being to see God’s Kingdom unfold in our midst.  Although some of the activities will change from year to year, we always strive to keep the main thing the main thing: Families coming together to form community thus unveiling God’s Kingdom.  Our mornings are focused on Kids with plenty of games and activities for them while adults serve in those activities, do outreach, serve in the kitchen, intercede in the prayer room or participate in many of the workshops we have available.  In the afternoon, kids and adults will work on outreach performance, prepare for evening celebration, seek God and continue workshops.  The evenings consist of a grand meal, family worship service and games.   The camp draws to its finale at our Abundant Life organized Summerfest outreach and community festival the Saturday after INVASION CAMP. 

If you have any questions concerning costs, dates, activities or to get involved, please feel welcome to contact Pastor Eric.
Pastor Eric Lundberg