Purpose Statement
To ENCOUNTER the Living God is the greatest privilege that we can ever have.  It is that encounter that will change our lives from ordinary to abundant.  As you encounter the Father in your life, you will find that his grace never ends and his forgiveness never remembers.  He alone has the power to heal and restore, and it is His love that covers all sin.  We desire that you encounter God in your life and we partner with you as you seek Him. 
To ENGAGE is to turn faith into action.  It is at this point that you put life into gear, and begin to take your foot off the clutch.  When you are engaged in your walk with Jesus, you begin to grow.  You will discover your God given gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique to you.  Our hope is that you become all He has created you to be.  As you grow in your relationship with Him, you will find joy in serving, peace in giving, purpose in loving, and clarity in hearing His voice. 

To EXTEND is to see the bigger work that God is doing around us and participating in that work.  Whether it be worldwide missions or reaching out to our closest friends, God calls us to move beyond ourselves.  Jesus clearly came to this earth, not for himself, but to minister to others.  Like Him, we are called to action!  When we grasp His heart for others, the Holy Spirit will lead us into action, the body of Christ will be effective, and the lost will be reached.