Pastor Brad and Bethany Grasley, Lead Pastor & Elder

How many years have you been in the ministry?

15 years

What is your ministry Experience?

I’ve been involved in ministry since I was a teen. My first mission trip took place when I was about 14, to Northern Canada. I was involved in both local missions and trips to central Mexico as a team leader. As a young adult, I coordinated summer camps and was involved in my church’s worship team.  In 2000, I came to Abundant Life to serve as the Worship Pastor.  In 2003, I became the Executive Pastor as well.

What is your current position?

In 2007, several months after the founding pastor had moved on to a new assignment, I stepped into the role as Lead Pastor of the church. It is both a joy and a challenge serving in this role and allowing God to use me for His kingdom purposes.

What else have you done besides ministry?

Full time ministry wasn’t my Plan A, but I know now that it was God’s. I spent 13 years working for Safeway in many capacities. When I made the decision to answer the call to full-time ministry, I was an assistant store manager. Fun fact: I opened the Orting Safeway store! It’s fun to stop in sometimes and visit with some of the people I hired who still work there.

Where did you receive your training/education?

I graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. My focus was management and leadership. I went through the Foursquare Church’s licensing process in 2003 and became an official pastor at that time. In 2012, I was recommended for Ordination by our District’s Supervisor.

How long have you been at Abundant Life?

I have been at ALCC since 2000.

Tell us a little about your family...

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Bethany for 17 years. She is a tremendous blessing to our family, our church, and most of all – to me! Bethany and I have four children: Anthony -14, Levi – 12, Amy – 10, and LeeAnna - 7.

What are you passionate about?

Music. I absolutely love music. I’m addicted to Spotify, that is playing throughout my workday, during my devotion times, while I drive, and while I do work around the home. The number one thing on my playlist is worship music. It’s not only an outlet, but feeds me as well. 

Share some fun information with us...

I’m one of those Type A people who find getting work done is relaxing. My idea of relaxation is finishing up a home project. Weird, huh? But even though I like to cross things off my neverending list, my favorite place to unwind is on the couch with my wife watching a move or a favorite TV show. (Or watching a Seahawks game, but that is sometimes more stressful than relaxing). 

If I could take a vacation anywhere, it would be someplace warm. My favorite vacation is with my family in our camper, somewhere the sun is shining. Spending extended family time together and making memories with my kids is one of my favorite things!

I’ve always been known as a Brad Grasley, All-American. If I get a chance to go out to eat, it is probably steak and potatoes or burgers and fries. I love to BBQ all summer long, and the family loves it too.

Sports! I love them. I like Baseball, Soccer, and Football the most. But I’ll be glad to watch or play some basketball, tennis, volleyball, or even ping-pong. I’m pretty competitive and my wife has to remind me that I should let the kids win sometimes. I’ve got a weightlifting bench in my garage that I don’t use. I’m sure it would equip me to compete better if I actually used it, so I continue to tell Bethany she can’t sell it in the next garage sale.

I need to warn you, I’m kind of sarcastic. Not in an irreverent way, but I think that life is worth laughing at sometimes. This life wasn’t meant to be dull and robotic; it was meant to be an adventure full of joy!

Finally, I didn’t know I was going to be a pastor. In fact, I worked for Safeway for 13 years and planned on being a Store Manager. I was close, too. But God called me into the ministry and I have no regrets. I love the church and being part of God’s great plan for our region. I hope to see you soon!