Pastor Eric and Naomi Lundberg, NextGen Pastors

How many years have you been in the ministry and what is your ministry experience?

Eric: I have worked in Lay ministry Since I was 20 years old and served on Youth Staff, Children’s Church, Sunday School Teacher, Deacon Board, Assimilation, internship program Bible College etc. and the like. I transitioned into a vocational role in 2013 as Kids Life Pastor and now NextGen Pastor. (I just say Associate Pastor to sum it all up).

Naomi: Naomi has been in ministry her whole life from Kids and Youth Ministry, Deacon Board, Missions Council, Worship Leader and choir member, Sunday School, Nursery Director, internship program and served as an oversees missionary in South America after High School. She is the #1 support to the NextGen Pastor i.e. in home eldership council.

What is your current position?

NextGen Pastor

What else have you done besides ministry?

Eric works as a handyman painter and Naomi works with exchange students.

Where did you receive your training/education?

Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Ministry Leadership from Faith Evangelical Seminary and is a licensed foursquare minister and Naomi is a certified Doula and has her associates degree.

How long have you been at Abundant Life?

We have been at Abundant Life for 7 years

Tell us a little about your family...

We have been married for 16.5 years and have 7 kids (Elijah, Cedar, Legacy, Harmony, Feliz, Ranson and Echo).

What are you passionate about?

Our number one passion is to see our children and future grandchildren serve the Lord with real passion and have an honest desire for the deep things of the Spirit. We believe it is our calling to create a generational calling to ministry and believe that all of our children have a call of God on their life to serve in ministry at some capacity. Our prayer is that this will continue as a spiritual legacy for generations to come. Naomi and I are called to be the matriarch and patriarch of our family.

Share some fun information with us...

Eric loves baseball, loves to write and is a nerdy book worm. He won the award in 8th grade as: Most likely to be caught telling a bad joke while falling down the stairs. He earned that one.  Naomi loves her vegetable garden, loves to cook, write, and has a family focused life.