Pastor Jessica and Casey Squires, Community Outreach Pastor

How many years have you been in the ministry?

I have been in the ministry for 10 years now

What is your ministry Experience?

I have had the priveledge to work as a youth ministry volunteer, youth pastor and help lead women's bible study.

What is your current position?

Community Outreach Pastor

What else have you done besides ministry?

Orting Middle School Assistant Track Coach
Orting High School Head Girls’ Basketball Coach
Orting High School Assistant Track Coach
Educational Consultant-HMH Educational Publisher

Where did you receive your training/education?

Puyallup High School
Secondary education-Language Arts/History Western Baptist College, Bible Minor, Coaching Minor (now Corban College)
Master’s Teaching Reading-Grand Canyon University
Licensed in 2011

How long have you been at Abundant Life?

I have been at Abundant Life for 11 years

Tell us a little about your family...

Married in 2001 but we have known each other since 1993. We have 3 children, Cian now 10 years old, Adaire 7 years old, and Finn who is 5 years old.

What are you passionate about?

Loving God, Loving My Husband, Loving My Children, Loving those God puts in my life for a season.

Share some fun information with us...

Funniest thing to ever happen to me was tripping going UP the bleachers at half time of a basketball game. I was coaching in Enumclaw at the time. I was 7 months pregnant with Cian and hearing the crowd go “OOOOOH” and me thinking “pregnant lady down…we’ve got a pregnant lady down”. Yes, by far my most graceful, athletic moment ever.

I LOVE any wilderness activity. My favorite is Mt.Biking while trying to keep up with Casey.
I LOVE hiking with my family, throwing rocks and living the simple life that comes with carrying your house on your back.
I LOVE salad and ice cream…YES quite the nutrition contradiction.