Meet Our Pastors

At Abundant Life the pastoral team determines the spiritual direction of the church. We practice a team oriented leadership approach with a lead pastor facilitating the overall process. One of the unique aspects of our leadership is found in the family oriented approach. We believe husbands and wives are called to partner in the ministry calling God has placed on their lives.

Pastor Brad and Bethany GrasleyPastor Matt and Elisabeth CarlsonPastor Kevin and Anne-Marie AllpressPastor Eric and Naomi Lundberg
Pastor Brad and Bethany Grasley
Lead Pastor
Pastor Matt and Elisabeth Carlson
Associate Pastor and Community Life Pastor
Pastor Kevin and Anne-Marie Allpress
Ministry Life Pastor
Pastor Eric and Naomi Lundberg
Body Life Pastor and Kids Life Pastor
Pastor Josh and Michelle TallentPastor Jessica and Casey SquiresPastor Carolyn and Bob Moore  
Pastor Josh and Michelle Tallent
Student Life Pastor
Pastor Jessica and Casey Squires
Community Life Associate Pastor
Pastor Carolyn and Bob Moore
Staff Pastor