Original Design Ministries, Trinity Aviation, Eatonville WA
cell: 740-475-9458
Email: tad.henry@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrinityAviationAcademy/
Blog: http://trinityaviation.org

 Trinity Aviation Academyexists specifically to provide the flight and aircraft mechanic training unique to missionary pilots.

Our purpose is to help mold students in their God-given giftedness and talents through prayer, knowledge of God’s word, training, guidance, and encouragement to become missionaries as God’s instruments serving as pilot/mechanics.

Our 36-month Mission Aviation Certificate program equips students with:

  • Private/Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
    • Tail-wheel Endorsement
    • High Performance Endorsement
    • Complex Endorsement
  • Aircraft Mechanic Certificate
    • Airframe Rating
    • Powerplant Rating