Gear Team

In churches it is often said that 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. At Abundant Life this is far from the truth! Abundant Life is and continues to be a church family dedicated to serving one another out of love. One of the practical areas of service our church is involved in is our Gear Team.  This involves all of the areas required to run a local, mobile church service in our community each week. Since we meet in a rented school facility, the challenge and necessity of involving as many people as possible causes us to be a church body where 80 percent of the people do 100 percent of the work. Every Sunday morning multiple teams of dedicated servants show up to contribute in the areas of pit crews, coffee ministry and decor.

Gear Team's goal is to show excellence in all we do behind the scenese creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to all those who walk through the doors. Please consider serving along side with the rest of the body by contacting me and telling me your area of interest.
Brian Franks

Pit Crews
Pit Crews are the backbone of each service. These teams rotate on a weekly basis, serving once a month to make sure everything is set up and ready for Sunday service. From driving the trailer, unloading all the supplies to setting up chairs these team members are vital in making sure each weekend service ... more
Coffee Ministry
Coffee Ministry is a must here in the Pacific Northwest. This ministry helps to create that welcoming atmosphere by setting up the coffee and tea table with supplies, making coffee and hot tea and putting everything away after ... more
Decor Team
Decor team is the "icing on the cake" or "cherry on the top". However, you want to word it, this team has a heart to help transform a High School auditorium into a sanctuary where we meet with eachother and the Lord. From creating the decorations to setting them up and putting them away each week they serve with a joyful heart and everyone appreciates the fresh look for our ... more